Connect and Collaborate

with other organisations to leverage ideas and resources to make a collective impact

Connect and collaborate with your communities and stakeholders

Why collaborative strategies work

Society’s complex or ‘wicked’ problems are difficult to identify and solve. This type of social problem affects multiple stakeholders, all with different perspectives and agendas, who often disagree about the causes, and the best solutions. Problems such as these require total systems change and innovation because they are beyond the capacity of any one organisation or┬ásector to respond effectively. In such instances, collaboration is the appropriate response.

Innovation and break-throughs arise when sectors, organisations, stakeholders, and communities work together. This cross-pollination and sharing of resources, knowledge and ideas allows anyone to participate and share whatever they have to offer, regardless of resource or capacity. Collaboration values everyone and taps into the collective wisdom of crowds.

We help you

  • Engage and understand, work with and access the skills, resources and intelligence of your customers, stakeholders and local communities
  • Broker with other sectors and organisations to leverage the resources and support you need to be successful
  • Co-create collaborative strategic plans, programmes and action plans that make a difference
  • By providing a forum to share ideas and resources on challenges you face and opportunities you uncover in your work.

Our Services

Assess and measure your social impact

Manage, improve and demonstrate the outcomes of your project, policy, programme or initiative.

Take part

in our initiatives, workshops and training, which put creativity, sustainability and a just society into practice.

Access our expertise

and be supported by our consultants to design and deliver the solutions you need

Share your stories of change

in a creative and trusted environment, to inspire other leaders and change-makers.

Connect and collaborate

with other organisations to leverage ideas and resources to make a collective impact.