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in our initiatives, workshops and training, to help create
a sustainable and just society

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You are already doing great work, but you may also need capacity and resources to make it better. Let us help you plan your projects, programmes and initiatives so you can learn from others and keep up to date with the social, economic and environmental issues and research that affect your work.

What We Do

Sometimes we all need to take a breath and consider what we are doing, why and with what results. We also need to hear what others are doing on similar issues and look for ways to collaborate and learn.

Co-Creationz offers initiatives and programmes that you can take part in with others that will help develop your capacity, as well as learning forums and events that help you connect and share resources and ideas with others.

Our initiatives will bring people and organisations together to make a collective difference.

Our focus areas

Our projects and programmes for 2017/18:

  • Training workshops to help you understand and apply social impact assessment, measurement and investment strategies to your business or projects.Contact Us
  • This year we will be focussing on the value of social impact, and how to build its assessment, measurement and management into your organisation. Contact Us
  • Housing intensification will be a reality for the next generation – join our partners in discussing this issue and seeking people-centered solutions. Contact Us
  • Local food production is key to Auckland’s economy and social wellbeing – we will work with our partners to pursue a local food economy that is fair, sustainable and good for our families and communities.Contact Us

Our Services

Assess and measure your social impact

Manage, improve and demonstrate the outcomes of your project, policy, programme or initiative.

Take part

in our initiatives, workshops and training, which put creativity, sustainability and a just society into practice.

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and be supported by our consultants to design and deliver the solutions you need

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in a creative and trusted environment, to inspire other leaders and change-makers.

Connect and collaborate

with other organisations to leverage ideas and resources to make a collective impact.