We are here to assist you and your organisation to clarify and achieve your goals.

Do You...?

  • Need to meet deadlines, but lack time, resources, capacity, tools or support to plan, consult and act?
  • Have great ideas, but don’t know how to express and implement them?
  • Need funding and investment to make things happen?
  • Require information or objective analysis and evidence to make good decisions?
  • Feel like you need to understand the things that impact your projects and business better?
  • Need to understand and demonstrate your own impact on the customers or communities you work with better?

How often...?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with ‘busy-ness’, complexity or information overload?
  • Face increasing pressure to demonstrate accountability and results?
  • Want to make a difference but not sure about the best course of action?


A new social enterprise is keen to build in some monitoring and evaluation right from the start. Unsure which tools will suit them best, they ask Co-Creationz to help them understand and measure their impact.

A community group is asking itself how it can ‘up its game’. They want Co-Creationz to help them think, plan, act and review their projects more strategically to be more self-sustaining and impactful.

A philanthropic trust has for years given modest grants to communities for aligned initiatives. Recently, trustees have asked if the money is making any real difference. They contract Co-Creationz to help them build a better reporting system.

A small company is interested in paying something back to its community, but lacks a specific plan. They ask Co-Creationz to help them get clear what to invest in, to meet their corporate social responsibility.

Co-Creationz Can Help

Whether you are an individual, group, business or community, let us do the hard stuff for you, teach you how to do it, or better still, work alongside you to get the right results.

Gillian has undertaken several projects for us and the following provides a picture of her work and what she can bring to make a difference.
• Connects and enables people to engage and tell their stories • Values contributions and feedback • Open to change and trying new ideas • Attention to detail and rigour in methodology • Analytical in thought, process and delivery • Knows what a deadline is and stays with it • Well thought out and executed project planning • Provides that “extra” which brings the work alive • Enthusiasm and commitment

Rex Hewitt

Local Board Relationship Manager, Auckland Council