Co-Creationz are research, design and evaluation specialists in sustainability, local and international community development and social impact assessment. We are not just consultants that provide solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We facilitate collaborative initiatives that have the power to generate positive, long-term change.

Co-Creationz are here to help.  Whether you are an individual, group, business or community, we can do the hard stuff for you, teach you how to do it, or better still, work alongside you so that you can get the right results.

Our Services

Take part

in our initiatives, workshops and training, which put creativity, sustainability and a just society into practice.

Assess and measure your social impact

Manage, improve and demonstrate the outcomes of your project, policy, programme or initiative.

Access our expertise

and be supported by our consultants to design and deliver the solutions you need

Share your stories of change

in a creative and trusted environment, to inspire other leaders and change-makers.

Connect and collaborate

with other organisations to leverage ideas and resources to make a collective impact.

Co-Creationz have become an invaluable partner and strategic ally to our business. Val and Gilly are able to look across all our activities, ask the critical questions and help us focus and identify the opportunities in our work. Their skills in strategic analysis, big picture and creative thinking add value to our projects, and we have become agile and intentional in our thinking and planning as a result of working with them. What we most appreciate is their personable approach, seamless working styles and the extra mile they go through to deliver results with us, because they understand our business.

Rouruina Brown

CEO, Cook Islands Development Agency New Zealand (CIDANZ)